Question: How much do you pay for gold, platinum, silver and diamonds?
Answer: Our precious metal prices are based on the daily London PM Fix, the most widely accepted benchmark in the world. Our prices for diamonds are based on the size and quality of the stones. Our non-commission diamond and jewelry experts will be happy to explain the value of your items.

Question: Do I receive cash or a check for my items?
Answer: We pay by check. Or, at your option, you can receive a merchandise credit, or apply the amount to a Shane Co. layaway account.

Question: How long will it take to sell my gold?
Answer: If you use our mail-in service, it takes up to three business days to process your items and put your check in the mail. If you sell us your items in our store, it usually takes only a few minutes, depending on the number of items you have.

Question: If I mail my items to the Shane Co. Gold Buy Service Center, how much is the prepaid FedEx package insured for?
Answer: Items being shipped to us are insured for up to $500.

Question: If items are being shipped back to me because I either did not accept the offer or did not respond within 3 business day, do I need to sign for my package?
Answer: Since we are insuring your package for up to $500, a signature is required. FedEx will attempt to deliver the package a few times. For more information, click here for the FedEx Support website.

Question: Do I need to bring anything with me when selling my jewelry?
Answer: When you sell us your items in our store, we do need you to bring a photo ID.

Question: Can I get my gold back after I sell it?
Answer: No. All sales are final.

Question: How do you test the gold?
Answer: We use industry-standard gold-testing equipment to determine the type and purity of the metal in your items.

Question: What if my jewelry isn't stamped or I don't know if it is real gold or not?
Answer: We can test your items for you to determine if the gold is real, what type of gold it is, and how much it's worth.

Question: Do you buy dental gold?
Answer: No.

Question: Do you buy class rings?
Answer: Yes, if it is made of gold, platinum or silver.

Question: Do you buy gold computer parts?
Answer: No. Most gold in computer parts is not solid gold.

Question: Do you buy watches?
Answer: No.

Question: What is the difference between 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k gold?
Answer: Karat refers to the purity of the gold. 10k gold is 10 parts gold or 41.7%. 14k gold is 14 parts gold or 58.33%. 18k gold is 18 parts gold or 75% gold. 24k gold is 24 parts gold or 99.99% pure.

Question: What does G.E.P. mean stamped on my jewelry?
Answer: G.E.P. stands for "gold electroplated", indicating a very thin layer of gold on the piece and is not of any real value.

Question: What does H.G.E mean stamped on my jewelry?
Answer: H.G.E. stands for "heavy gold electroplated," indicating a thin layer of gold on the pieces and is not of any real value.