Ruby Rings

  • What Makes Ruby Rings So Special?

    A ruby ring stands out from all the rest because of the brilliant red color of the gemstone. Ruby rings can be matched with any metal, but especially yellow or white gold, silver, and platinum. They also pair wonderfully with other gemstones. Ruby and diamond rings are especially popular for their elegance. Expect any ring with this precious gemstone to be long-lasting and eye-catching. Shane Co. has a wide variety of rings in all styles, so be sure to check out our complete collection of rings.

  • Have Ruby Rings Always Been Popular Jewelry Pieces?

    Ruby rings have a history that stretches back to the time of the ancients. Praised for its brilliant, rich color, the red gemstone was first associated with courage on the battlefield for some, and wealth and good fortune for others. In the 1880s, French jewelers declared rubies the "gem of gems," and the stone became a favorite of the royal family as buying ruby rings rose in popularity. With such a long history, ruby rings are a perfect choice to celebrate anniversaries and other momentous occasions.

  • Does a Ruby Ring Make a Good Gift?

    Ruby rings make great gifts. Whether you are shopping for your mom, girlfriend, wife, partner, or any loved one in your life, a ruby ring is sure to make them smile. Ruby rings are very popular to give on birthdays, especially July birthdays. That’s because the red ruby is the birthstone for July. Simple ruby rings with gold or silver bands are also popular gifts because they are easily stackable and can be paired with many looks. If you are really wanting to impress your loved one, a ruby and diamond ring could be the way to go. The combination of red rubies and shining diamonds is truly stunning and will be a gift that lasts a lifetime.