Infinity Engagement Rings

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  • Infinity Engagement Rings from Shane Co.

    Infinity symbol engagement rings are a beautiful way for couples to celebrate their eternal love. Beautiful design and a deeper meaning make engagement rings with infinity symbols a popular choice for modern couples. Infinity engagement rings combine beautiful gemstones with symbolic meaning. If you’re looking for a ring that represents your never-ending love, shop Shane Co.’s collection of sparkling infinity engagement rings.

  • Do infinity engagement rings incorporate diamonds?

    Many of our beautiful engagement rings are set with high-quality diamonds. Whether you’re looking for classic solitaire rings or three-stone engagement rings, our selection offers rings that match your sense of style and provide unrivaled sparkle.

    At Shane Co., our team of experts will help you select the perfect center diamond to set in your infinity engagement ring, but you can also choose to add a pop of color with a ruby or sapphire in one of several colors instead. Many of our rings also feature gemstones incorporated into the setting for a unique twist. You’ll be wearing this ring for a lifetime, and Shane Co.’s beautiful, high-quality gemstones will shine just as much in 20 years as they do today.

  • Where do Shane Co. diamonds and gemstones come from?

    When you invest in an infinity symbol engagement ring, you want to be sure you’re getting the value you pay for. Shane Co. puts quality assurance first; as a fourth-generation, family-owned business, we’ve developed long-lasting relationships with ethical gemstone and diamond cutters. When you browse our selection of diamonds and gems, you’re seeing the best stones our manufacturers and diamond cutters have to offer.

    When you purchase an infinity engagement ring or another style such as a halo engagement ring from Shane Co., you can shop with confidence knowing all of our jewelry features high-quality stones and metals.

  • Can I purchase wedding bands when I buy an infinity engagement ring?

    Shane Co. offers an unparalleled selection of wedding bands. You can purchase a band with your engagement ring or come back at a later time to choose a complementary band separately. Browse our assortment of wedding rings to find a style you love.