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Oval Engagement Rings

  • Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

    Diamonds have been cut into oval shapes for many years, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that the oval cut was popularized. Not only are they beautiful, but oval shaped rings also offer great value. Oval diamond rings often appear larger than other diamond shapes of equal carat weight. This is because the oval diamond’s elongated shape maximizes its surface area, resulting in a larger appearance.

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  • Are Oval Engagement Rings Popular?

    Oval engagement rings have been one of the most popular engagement ring shapes for the past two to three years. This shape is recommended because they are "very elongating on the hand," which inherently takes up more space on the finger.

  • What Is the Best Setting for an Oval Diamond?

    Some of the best settings for oval diamond engagement rings include the 4-prong setting, the 6-prong setting, and the bezel setting. In some instances, if the engagement ring is a 3-stone setting, a combination of the 4-prong and bezel setting will be used to securely hold the diamond.