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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

  • About Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

    Our popular vintage emerald cut engagement rings and emerald cut wedding band sets are effortlessly modern and timeless. Glamorous and distinctive, their rectangular facets and elongated shape emphasize clarity and make for a captivating choice for your engagement ring. With our outstanding collection of customizable engagement ring settings, we are certain you will find the perfect ring that fits your style.

  • What Does an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Mean?

    Emerald cut diamond rings commonly represent new beginnings and a desire for a happy and blessed marriage. Personalized rings can have your own meaning as well, and the deep hues provided by our exquisite emerald cut engagement rings present a perfect opportunity to showcase your unique love.

  • Is an Emerald Cut Diamond a Good Cut?

    Emerald cut diamonds are commonly rectangular in shape, with elongated step cuts that create both colorful and white reflections of light. This cut is known for its deep clarity (meaning fewer and smaller inclusions) as opposed to its sparkle, but you can select a well polished diamond with high symmetry grades to ensure maximum sparkle. An emerald cut diamond engagement ring is a great option for those who are looking for a larger diamond without the associated steep price tag, because emerald cuts generally seem bigger than other shapes with the same carat weight. Read our Diamonds 101 Guide to learn more about the 4 C’s of diamonds.