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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

  • Cushion Cut Engagement Rings from Shane Co.

    Shane Co. is the lead designer in fine jewelry and long-lasting ring designs. Our cushion cut engagement rings are no exception. Each unique cushion cut diamond ring is beautifully handcrafted, and serves as the perfect gift for your loved one.

  • What is a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring?

    Our cushion cut engagement rings are known for their vintage look and squared diamonds. Each cushion diamond ring has cut corners, and is brilliantly crafted by our jewelers. They are often compared to old mine cut diamonds due to their similar shape, but stand out with their modern faceting. Learn more about Shane Co. vintage engagement rings and other unique designs.

  • Do Cushion Diamond Rings Look Bigger?

    Cushion cut diamond rings can look slightly larger than rounded diamond engagement rings. They typically have a larger table and facets, giving each ring an unforgettable appearance.