Heart Earrings

  • Heart Earrings from Shane Co.

    Heart earrings are a romantic addition to any jewelry collection. Shane Co. turns the classic heart symbol into an extraordinary accessory. Shop our assortment of exquisite heart-shaped earrings and find a versatile pair you can wear with anything.

  • What’s the history behind the heart symbol?

    Heart-shaped earrings, rings and necklaces have been popular for decades, but how did this symbol become the face of romance? While it’s been observed in manuscripts for thousands of years, this shape became popular in Europe during the 16th century as a symbol of medieval courtly love. By the 19th century, the heart was a hallmark of romantic gifts. Today, it remains a popular sign of love and affection.

  • Can I customize my heart earrings with different stones?

    We believe jewelry is personal, and each piece you wear should reflect your style. That’s why our talented team of designers has created a collection of silver and gold heart earrings to complement every style and personality.

    Shane Co. offers a beautiful variety of earring styles. If you love a traditional, versatile look, a pair of stud earrings in your favorite color is the perfect everyday accessory. For an ultra-glamorous look, be sure to browse our assortment of dangle earrings.

  • Do heart earrings make a good gift?

    Heart-shaped earrings combine romance and adoration in one beautiful package, and we offer this lovely earring style in a variety of sizes, shapes and metals. From small heart-shaped earrings to larger, eye-catching designs, you’re guaranteed to find something she’ll love. Complement your gift of heart earrings with a small heart necklace to sweeten the surprise.