Ear Climbers

  • Ear Climbers from Shane Co.

    Ear climbers bring modern glamour to your jewelry collection. Give your style a contemporary edge with a pair of Shane Co. ear climbers.

  • What are ear climbers?

    Ear climbers are aptly titled because this earring style curves up the side of the ear, rather than hanging below the earlobe.

  • How does Shane Co. source their gemstones for ear climbers?

    We are committed to providing high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime, and our gems offer superior value. We’ve cultivated close relationships with some of the industry’s most renowned gemstone manufacturers and spend time selecting the most beautiful stones from their reserves by hand.

    Our collection of climber earrings includes styles adorned with high-quality diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones. These stones were hand-selected and hand-matched for equal sparkle and color, so whether you opt for diamonds or another gemstone, you’ll get a pair of ear climber earrings that captivate.

  • What other earring designs does Shane Co. offer?

    While small ear climbers offer a modern twist on the traditional earring design, we offer a variety of styles to help you breathe new life into your jewelry wardrobe. Choose big hoop earrings to find a statement piece or opt for understated elegance with our assortment of diamond leverback earrings.

  • Can I customize my earrings?

    If you’re shopping for classic stud earrings, Shane Co. carries a variety of different gemstones, from deep red rubies to ice blue sapphires, making it easy to find the perfect size and color for your individual style.

  • Does Shane Co. offer jewelry gifts?

    Shane Co. makes gift shopping easy. Ear climbers are a lovely gesture, perfect for whatever special occasion you’re celebrating. Choose a pair of infinity earrings for a meaningful gift symbolizing your unending commitment. There are also few symbols as romantic as the heart shape; our selection of heart-shaped earrings is sure to offer something as unique as she is.