Heather & Lucas' Wedding Photos Heather & Lucas's Wedding Picture
Heather & Lucas' Story
How We Met
We met in Playa del Carmen as we both work at the same school as teachers. Although we were immediately attracted to one another, we faced our first huge barrier; we spoke two different languages. Over time and lots of language classes we each learned to understand both each other’s language as well as the huge cultural differences in growing up on opposite sides of the equator. Lucas, a city boy from Latin America, and Heather, a small-town Minnesota girl. Despite the challenges, the amount that we learned about each other, and ourselves through the process, bound us even closer. Our love and understanding grew and continues to do so. We have found we have far more in common than we do differences.
Our Shane Co. Love Story
The most special part about our love is our patience with each other and the amount of dedication we have to our relationship. My Shane Co. ring is a sparkling ruby, my dream wedding ring. Rubies are considered a stone of love, energy, passion, power and a zest for life. I think that it perfectly represents our relationship and marriage. My experience shopping at Shane Co. couldn't have gone more smoothly. I was immediately helped and felt heard. The team helped me to find exactly what I was looking for! I will cherish it all my life.