Personal Information Sharing and Selling (California Residents)

We Do Not Sell Your Personal Information.

We do not sell your personal information. However, in the event that we are considering a sale, partial or complete, asset transfer, partial or complete, or other financing matter, we would make any and all necessary disclosures to you before certain information we possess concerning you may be accessed, disclosed, and/or processed by third parties.  

We–or third parties we work with–use several common data collection technologies including cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies. We collect personal information about users over time and across different websites when you use this website or service. We also have third parties that collect personal information this way. We do this for many reasons, including the following:

  • To engage in interest-based advertising as discussed above.

  • To understand the activities and behaviors of customers and platform users.

  • To recognize new visitors to our Sites.

  • To recognize past customers.

  • To present more personalized content and offers, to improve your website experience, optimize your shopping experience, and provide Site and service enhancements. For example, to avoid repeatedly showing you the same advertisements.

  • To serve customized advertising (whether on our website or others you visit).

  • To better understand our audience, our customers, our Site visitors, and their respective interests. For example, to understand what ads are of interest to consumers.

How To Opt-Out

California residents have the right to opt-out of certain data sharing practices with our third party partners under applicable law. To exercise this opt-out right, please utilize the opt-out form below or contact our Data Protection Officer using the following contact information.

Note, consumers who do not reside in the state of California or are not otherwise protected by California’s Do-Not-Track law who click the “Do Not Track” Option are not guaranteed to receive the same treatment as a California resident. Shane Co makes no representation or warranty that this feature is available for non-California residents. For non-California residents (and California residents alike), we encourage you to review our general Privacy Notice for information regarding how you can exercise opt-out and other rights.

Data Protection Officer

Shane Co.

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