Setting the Scene

The Scene

Aim to surprise, not shock. Shock happens when you propose on your third date. Surprise is the result when you’ve been committed to one another for some time, declared your love and perhaps even talked about marriage and your future together. The surprise is the “how and when?” of the proposal.Get personal. Nothing shows love and understanding more than proposing with her personal tastes in mind. Favorite music, foods, friends – things like that. Make it memorable. A memorable place need not be extravagant. It’s somewhere special to you as a couple. Consider where your first date, first kiss and favorite date took place as you choose where to propose. Where do you participate in joint hobbies? That site could be a winner, too.Check your watch first. Whether sunrise, sunset, starlight or another time creates the mood you want for proposing, consider the aftermath. If you’re like most couples, you’ll want to share the good news with friends and family right away. Different time zones sometimes make this kind of timing tricky.


The Script

Speak from your heart. However you feel comfortable expressing your love and devotion, just do it. Be sincere and honest. It’s better to be direct (“Will you marry me?”) than speculative (“What would you do if I, um, you know, asked you to marry me?”).

Be patient with the reaction. It may take time for your intended to get the courage up to say yes. Or you two may need to talk through some issues before you’re officially engaged.

Gestures can add power to your words. Getting down on one knee is an old-fashioned gesture that remains popular today.

The Props

Isn’t the ring enough? Of course it is. But bringing out her favorite flowers or a bottle of champagne can be the icing on the cake to add even more romance to the special moment.

How to pop the question

Fun ideas for your proposal