Signs Your Ring Is Too Tight

Jeweler using a ring sizer

The symbolism of your ring will never change, but your ring size might. Things like weight gain, pregnancy, swelling, salt intake, and weather can change your ring size, and that’s normal. Most of us experience changes in ring size throughout our lives, and even throughout the day. 

If your ring is too tight, you may need to get it resized. Here’s how you’ll know:

  • You have trouble getting it on or off
  • The ring leaves an indent on your finger
  • Your ring is painful or uncomfortable to wear
  • Your ring won’t turn
  • The skin around your ring bulges

Shane Co.’s Free Lifetime Warranty

At Shane Co., our warranty includes free ring resizing for life. No need to make an appointment. Just drop by and we’ll help you out. Learn more about our free lifetime warranty.

How to Remove a Tight Ring

  • Use lotion or soap to help slip the ring off. If you do this over a sink, make sure to close the drain first!
  • Use the string trick or ribbon. (Google it!) 
  • Ice your finger while holding it over your head, then try to remove the ring.

Need Help Finding Your Size?

Maybe you have no idea what your ring size is. You can use our free downloadable ring sizer to find the perfect fit! Or, you can drop by the store and we’ll check your size. But don’t worry, if you’re buying a ring for someone else and you don’t know their size, we can always resize it later.

Ready to find an engagement ring? Shop all our rings here and find the perfect fit. Not sure where to start? Drop by the store, chat with an online jewelry consultant, or book an in-store or virtual appointment.

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