What Size Diamond Should I Get?

Four diamond engagement rings.

Not sure what size diamond is right for you or your sweetheart? Luckily, choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is an entirely personal decision. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated or something with lots of extra bling, you can find a diamond that’s right for you – and make it sparkle more with a few useful tips and tricks.

What is a good size diamond?

The average engagement ring diamond in the U.S. is between 0.8 and 1.2 carats, according to a survey done by CreditDonkey. This means that if you choose a diamond around that size, you’ll be pretty much in line with the average engaged person. At the same time, there are a lot of other factors that contribute to how big a diamond looks and feels on a person’s hand. The average size of diamonds purchased also varies between states. So while New Yorkers might favor a slightly bigger diamond, in Utah the average size comes in around 0.74 carats. You can read more about the average carat size by state in this helpful article from Shane Co.’s The Loupe.

Four different diamond shapes.

What about the 4 C’s?

If you’ve begun your diamond buying journey, chances are you’ve heard of the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Choosing which of these C’s matters most to you can also greatly impact the size of diamond you choose. For example, if you decide that sparkle is most important to you, then you should probably prioritize clarity and cut over carat and color – the less inclusions and better cut a diamond has, the more sparkle you’ll see reflected in the ring.

How to make your diamond look bigger

Of course, there are always a few tricks to make your diamond appear larger than it is.

  1. Go for a halo:  Choosing a halo setting can drastically improve the appearance of your diamond, as the surrounding smaller diamonds will create a ring of sparkle that, to the naked eye, achieves the goal of a larger-looking stone.
  2. Create contrast with color:  Adding colored stones to your setting can make your diamond “pop” and draw the eye further towards it.
  3. Embrace yellow gold:  Much like adding in colored stones, choosing a yellow gold band can have the effect of making your diamond stand out more, creating the illusion of a bigger stone.
  4. Choose the right shape:  Shapes like oval and emerald elongate the look of your diamond (and your fingers!), making them appear bigger to the naked eye.
Selection of engagement rings.

Still want a bigger diamond?

Did you end up with a gorgeous ring but later on are wondering if it might look better with a bigger stone? Luckily, you can always upgrade your diamond at Shane Co. Our upgrade policy is the best in the business – you only pay the difference from what you originally paid. You can upgrade her engagement ring, stud earrings, and more! It’s an easy, no-fail gift she’ll always love to get.

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