Ways to Customize Your Men’s Band With Shane Co.’s New Tool

Hi, friends! Our new tool means women’s engagement rings aren’t the only thing you can customize. This feature allows you to choose the material, profile, size, finish, sleeve, engraving and other design elements of your men’s wedding band – the options are truly endless! For some inspiration, check out these customized designs below before trying out our new tool.

For the man who wants a classic twist

Classic Band With Red Apple Sleeve.

This 6mm wide Flat Zirconium band featuring a Red Apple sleeve offers just the right amount of flair without being too “out there.” Swap red for your favorite color and you’ll love to wear this unique ring.

For the outdoors-y man

Outdoors Lover Band

Can’t stay away from nature? Thus 8mm wide/High Bevel/Titanium band with a laser carved Trees pattern, featuring a Highland Green sleeve brings the beauty of the outdoors to the tip of your finger. The beautifully laser carved pattern reveals your personality while the green sleeve continues the trend.

For the ultra-romantic man

Romantic Claddagh Band

This 8mm wide/Domed/14k Yellow Gold band with a machined Claddagh Celtic pattern, featuring a 14k Yellow Gold sleeve uses the Claddagh pattern and gorgeous 14k gold to beautifully demonstrate how you’re married to your best friend.

For the man who’s crazy about football

Football Band

If you can’t stay away from Sunday football, this 10mm wide/Beveled/Platinum band with a laser carved Football pattern is for you. The textured finish features a distinctive football pattern that brings out the best of your favorite sport.

For the scientific man

Scientific Band

This 3 mm wide/Flat/14k Rose Gold band with a laser carved Soundwave pattern creates a memorable look that mimics the soundwaves you make all the time when exchanging words of love with your partner. In sweet rose gold, it makes an unforgettable band.

For the man who thinks outside the box

Outside The Box Band

If you love innovation, this 5mm wide/Beveled/Sunset Damascus band with one 2mm Centered inlay of 14k Yellow Gold is just the band for you. The distinguishing pattern in Damascus steel is complemented by an unexpected gold inlay for the perfect combination of styles.

For the man who loves a Celtic touch

Celtic Band

This 7 mm wide/Domed/14K White Gold band with a laser carved Celtic 9 pattern also featuring a Forged Carbon Fiber Sleeve has a sleek finish paired with this popular Celtic design and a hidden textured sleeve. Embrace your heritage for the ultimate in meaningful jewelry.

To explore all the options available to you, check out our men’s band customization tool on ShaneCo.com and get started designing your wedding band!

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