Shades of Pink – October’s Birthstone

Happy birthday, October babies! We have a selection of romantic shades of pink for the October birthstone this month. Because we only offer jewelry that lives up to our high quality standards, this month’s birthstone is more of a color than a gem — pink sapphire, morganite and mother-of-pearl highlight the blushing and iridescent shades that make this month so special. Read on to find out more and shop all our favorite birthstone gifts.

Pink sapphire

Pink sapphire and diamond necklace.

Despite being known for their signature shade of blue, sapphire comes in a variety of shades — and at Shane Co., we’re happy to carry 16 of them. This includes our sparkling pink sapphires, which contain traces of iron, magnesium, chromium, copper and titanium to help give them their unique color. The more chromium present in the stone, the deeper pink they will appear.

Spiritual meaning

Along with all other colors of sapphire, these pink gems are known as a “Stone of Wisdom,” encouraging clarity, intuition and spiritual insight. Pink sapphire in particular stimulates the emotions of love, forgiveness and healing. It helps its wearers develop compassion and find joy in interacting with others.

The Padparadscha sapphire

One of the rarest types of sapphires, padparadscha sapphires are a unique mix of pink and orange, resembling a morganite in color. The word “padparadscha” is an ancient Sanskrit term used to describe the color of a lotus flower. They’ve grown in popularity based on their appearance in jewelry worn by celebrities and royals — even as the center stone in engagement rings!

Pink sapphire gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for an October baby? Learn more about some of our favorites below. Psst: you can even let your honey know what you want for your birthday by pressing the “Drop a hint” button on any of these high-quality designs.

Pink sapphire and diamond ring.

This Stackable Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring is perfect worn alone or stacked with other fashion rings. The four marquise pink sapphires and two round diamonds sparkle perfectly together, their feminine pink color highlighted by the rose gold band.

Pink sapphire and diamond circle necklace.

Love necklaces? This Pink Sapphire and Diamond Circle Necklace is fun and flirty with eight marquise pink sapphires and 20 brilliant round diamonds. The adjustable 18-inch diamond cut cable chain hangs delicately in our signature shade of rose gold to match.

Pink sapphire floral earrings.

For a sweet and easy gift, these Floral Pink Sapphire Earrings feature two round pink sapphires and quality sterling silver in a unique floral shape with an elegant satin finish. You can even pair them with a matching pendant for the ultimate birthday look.

To see all of our pink sapphire gifts, visit our website.


Morganite necklace, bracelet and ring.

Morganite is a variety of beryl, which you may also know as the gem type for emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine (blue beryl). They’ve grown in popularity the past few years because of their on-trend peachy-pink shade, which looks beautiful with every skin tone. In fact, according to The Knot, morganite was the second most popular non-diamond stone for engagement rings, coming in after sapphire.

Rich roots

Morganite was discovered by George F. Kunz, the personal gemologist of famed banker J.P. Morgan, where the stone gets its name. While it’s not as hard as diamonds and other stones, it scores a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, so it may need a little extra love and care than some of your other pieces.

Spiritual meaning

Morganite is known as a “heart chakra” stone, carrying the energy of love and compassion. It’s believed to help heal emotional trauma, come to terms with past pain and see the meaning and purpose of it in your life’s path. This goes along beautifully with its perceived ability to bring about a sense of peace, lightness and joy.

Morganite gifts

See some of our favorite morganite pieces to rock for your October birthstone!

Morganite stud earrings

These Vintage Trillion Pink Morganite Earrings will be her new favorite, we promise. With trillion pink morganite gemstones set in high-quality 14k rose gold and complemented by vintage-inspired milgrain detailing, they’re delicate and timeless — the perfect birthday gift.

Morganite and diamond cocktail ring.

Who doesn’t love a standout cocktail ring? Not us! With this Halo Morganite and Diamond Ring, she’ll be the hit of the party. Featuring one cushion cut morganite stone and 22 round diamonds, this ring is full of unique details and gorgeous vintage flair.

Morganite and diamond pendant necklace.

This Double Morganite and Diamond Pendant is a showstopper. With one glittering pear-shaped morganite gemstone and 12 round diamonds accenting the romantic pink, this necklace is certainly not short on sparkle. Pair it with matching earrings for the full effect.

Shop all morganite gifts here.


You may know mother-of-pearl (another one of our October birthstones) as the iridescent substance also known as “nacre” that forms in the shells of pearl-producing mollusks. It is produced by the mollusk to protect the inside of their shells from irritants, and its rainbow-like appearance is produced by light reflection.

Spiritual meaning

Mother-of-pearl is thought to protect its wearers, offering them the healing power of the ocean. It relieves stress by relaxing, calming and soothing emotions while it stimulates imagination and a sense of emotional balance. It is also believed to help its wearers easily express feelings of love.

Unique uses

Besides being used for jewelry, mother-of-pearl has also been found in home décor, mosaic tiles, musical instrument accents, and even buttons, particularly on women’s clothing. Because it is naturally occurring, it often comes in a variety of colors and variations, some tinting more pink, with others taking on a blue, gray or even green hue.

Mother-of-pearl gifts

Elegant, sophisticated mother-of-pearl is perfect for a boho-chic addition to your birthday baby’s jewelry collection.

Mother-of-pearl necklace.

This Mother of Pearl and White Sapphire Necklace shows off a gorgeous mother-of-pearl pendant highlighted by 36 white sapphires and surrounded by 14k rose gold. The chain can be adjusted from 18 to 16 inches for the perfect fit.

Mother-of-pearl earrings.

These matching Mother of Pearl and White Sapphire Earrings are perfect to wear alone or as a set! The elegant mother-of-pearl inlay dangles beautifully from any ear.

To shop all mother-of-pearl jewelry, click here.

Want to learn more about your birthstone? Check back on the blog for updates on this month’s birthstone or visit to find the perfect October birthstone piece to celebrate with.

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