The Most Popular Cat Breed in Every U.S. State

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The Most Popular Cat Breed in Every U.S. State

There is no shame in being a cat person! Cats are loyal and compassionate animals that keep you paw-sitive even if you’re feline down.

By nature, cats show affection and are nurturing animals — just like cats, we offer similar love patterns in our relationships. The team at Shane Co. hopes you find someone that you can be smitten as a kitten with fur-ever. That’s why we wanted to find the most popular cat breed in every state. 


We compiled a list of 46 cat breeds from Purina and used Google search interest over the past five years to find the top cat breed in every state. To determine the most cat-obsessed states, we used the total search volume of the 46 cat breeds and ranked the states by the highest search volume.

The Most Popular Cat Breeds in America

A U.S. map of the most searched cat breed in every state

Like humans, cats have their own purr-sonalities; some cats are cuddly and playful, while others are feisty. If you’re considering getting a furry companion, you may want to look into their breed to find the best fit. Beyond the cuteness factor, and the pet names, it’s important to factor in outside elements to provide the best home in which to grow your family, one whisker at a time.

If you are a cat lover but struggle with allergies, stay PAW-sitive because plenty of cat breeds would be compatible with your home. A lively and loyal cat breed, the Cornish Rex is most searched in Michigan and Minnesota and is a great hypoallergenic option. This breed’s thin coat of hair minimizes shedding, making it manageable for people with allergies. The Javanese cat is another great hypoallergenic option; it’s an intelligent, active, low-maintenance breed.

Although cats are versatile animals, some breeds are inherently better suited to colder or hotter regions. The most popular cat breed in Maine is the Maine Coon, and not just for the name — these cats love the cooler weather! The Russian Blue cat is another excellent breed for cold weather. This breed, which originated in a Russian port 150 miles from the Arctic Circle, can easily tolerate colder states like Alaska, New Hampshire, and New York, where they are most searched. 

The Best States for Cat Lovers

Heat map to show the most and least cat-obsessed states.

The most cat-loving state is Washington, and the most searched breed is the Ragdoll cat. If you are looking for a big cat with a big heart, this is the purr-fect breed. They are big cuddlers with striking blue eyes. A great family pet who will get along with everyone — even your dogs!

The Scottish Fold is the most searched breed in Oregon, the second most cat-obsessed state. Calm and soft-voiced, this breed is originally from Scotland and is recognized for how its ears may fold down, earning it the name “Scottish Fold.”

Colorado wraps up the top three cat-obsessed states. The Javanese cat is the most searched cat breed in Colorado; they may not be the furriest cat breed to cuddle with after a cold day, but they definitely have a lot of purr-sonality!

The Most Popular Cat Breeds Overall

Bar chart to show the most popular cat breeds overall.

The most popular cat breeds in the U.S. are the Javanese and Sphynx. Both cat breeds are great for owners needing hypoallergenic cats. The Javanese is a low-shedding breed, ranked most popular in five states, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Virginia. The Sphynx breed, known as the “hairless cat,” is a loyal, low-maintenance cat that ranks as the most popular in five states, including Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The following most popular breeds include the American Shorthair, Birman, and Peterbald, all of which rank in four states. These cat breeds require some maintenance depending on their coats and will shed. They all make great lap cats if you do not mind being covered in cat hair!

Lastly, the Exotic Shorthair, Persian, and Russian Blue breeds are ranked in three states each. The Persian cat is a low-energy breed that is not animal-friendly but is affectionate toward owners, most popular in California, Florida, and Texas. The Exotic Shorthair and Russian Blue share common personality traits, including affection, energy, and adaptability to new people, places, and pets. However, the Russian Blues are shorthaired, so they have less shedding and are hypoallergenic. 

Closing Thoughts

No matter if you are a dog person or a cat person, the love we share for our furry friends runs just as deep as the love we feel for our family. Shane Co. is all about celebrating love, even with your best fur-friend. 

While you may not be looking to buy your cat any fine jewelry, you may be buying for that special someone or even just for yourself. Be sure to browse Shane Co.’s selection to find a match as perfect as your furry friend. 

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It’s important to note that there are also several hypoallergenic cat breeds that are popular in different states. For example, the Cornish Rex and Javanese cat breeds are both great options for those who struggle with allergies. These breeds have thin coats of hair that minimize shedding, making them manageable for people with allergies. So, even if you’re a cat lover but struggle with allergies, there are still plenty of cat breeds that would be compatible with your home.

Thanks Anna 🙂

Thank you for such an informative article. Believe it or not, of all the searches I have done yours is by far the most beautifully designed, ease to understand at a glance and very well researched. Thank you Anna 🙂

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