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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Shane Co. is a leader in fine jewelry and design. We provide our customers with long-lasting, high-quality pieces, and our princess cut engagement rings are no exception. These beautiful, highly sought-after rings are guaranteed to blow you away with their brilliance and beauty. Our princess cut diamond rings are uniquely beautiful and crafted by jewelers with over four generations worth of experience. Interested in other styles of rings? Learn more about Shane Co. engagement rings and all of the unique designs that are offered.

FAQs about Engagement Rings

  • What Is a Princess Cut?

    Princess cut diamonds or gemstones are square-shaped with corners and an inverted pyramid base. They are considered a modern cut that works well with many different ring styles. The faceted arrangement of the diamond is designed to offer a stunning sparkle as well. It is one of the most popular diamond shapes, just behind round diamonds. These can be cut to be perfectly square or slightly rectangular.

  • Why Select a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

    Selecting a Princess cut diamond for your engagement ring can be more cost effective than a round cut diamond engagement ring if they are equal in the 4Cs. A princess cut diamond can also have another stone set directly next to it due to the clean lines and corners. While they are simple and elegant, they are also very versatile and easy to customize. These rings also pair beautifully with wedding bands, making princess cut engagement ring sets a popular choice among many brides.

  • How to Choose a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    The corners of a princess cut diamond need to be secure, so be sure to choose a prong style that provides a lot of protection in the corners. The V-prong setting would be a great option for this, but there are other prong styles that would work too. SI1 or greater clarity grades can ensure that you keep the princess cut’s characteristic sparkle. The color choice of a princess cut diamond really depends on personal preference. Learn more about the different aspects of diamonds in our Diamonds 101 guide.

    Beyond the diamond, there are different band metals, such as platinum and yellow gold, for you to consider. There are also different styles of princess cut rings, such as vintage and halo, that can be chosen based on your preferred style. The possibilities are endless, but you are sure to fall in love with an engagement ring that is uniquely yours.

  • Is there a difference between princess cut engagement rings and cushion-cut engagement rings?

    There is a difference between the two types of cut. Cushion cut diamonds have more rounded corners while princess cut diamonds have sharp corners that present a perfect square.

  • Are all square-cut diamond rings considered princess-cut diamond rings?

    Not all square-cut diamonds are considered princess-cut engagement rings. However, all princess-cut diamonds are considered square-cut. Square-cut diamonds is a broader category that consists of princess-cut, asscher-cut, radiant-cut, and cushion-cut diamonds.

  • Are Princess Cut diamond more expensive?

    Princess Cut diamonds are generally less expensive than round-cut diamonds and similar cut diamonds due to less waste being cut from the diamonds.

  • What other engagement ring styles does Shane Co. offer?

    Shane Co.’s unique princess cut engagement rings are a popular style of engagement rings. among other engagement ring styles such as:

    No matter what style of engagement ring you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and the love you share with your partner.

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Perfect! The one! Gorgeous!
I had looked at this ring for months, maybe even over a year! My fiancé picked this for me because of the price, the wedding band being included, and because it was what we both visioned as “the one”! As soon as he opened the box and put it on my finger, I couldn’t get over how PERFECT it truly is. I wake up and instantly look at it. 500/10 recommend this set!
Kiley A.
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Dainty and delicate
This is exactly what I was looking for. I love vintage, and I have smaller hands, so the dainty style was perfect!
Ronnie B.
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Guy who knows nothing about jewelry
I love it. They were super helpful and helped me create exactly what I was hoping to make
Sione F.
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