Shane Classic Diamond

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The Shane Classic Diamond is an ideal cut with exacting specifications proven by the laws of optics to reflect and refract the most light, providing fire and brilliance beyond your imagination. So rare is the quality of the Shane Classic that less than 1% of the world’s diamonds will meet the Shane Classic's standards of perfect proportion, symmetry and polish. In fact, few diamond cutters in the world possess the skill and experience to cut the Shane Classic Diamond to such perfection.

Certified Ideal by Leading Independent Gemological Laboratories
The Shane Classic Diamond’s breathtaking sparkle is achieved by its ideal cut, characterized by:
  • Excellent symmetry of the facets and girdle
  • Sharp facet junctions
  • Table and culet well-centered and parallel
  • Well-aligned crown and pavilion facets

The Shane Classic is a true classic. There are no extra facets, and we do not manipulate the light in our stores when showing you diamonds to make them appear prettier than they really are. Nor do we use any other gimmicks that would detract from the timeless beauty of a perfectly cut diamond.

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