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Stud / Solitaire

A stud - also known as a solitaire - is an earring that features only one gem. The head containing the gem is soldered directly to the post, which goes straight through the ear, giving the appearance that the gemstone is 'floating' on the ear.

Stud/Solitaire Earrings


A hoop earring is a continuous piece of metal that goes through the ear and is then held in place, typically by a latch back or friction back. They are not always round and can come in a variety of different shapes - the most common untraditional shape being oval.

Hoop Earrings


Also referred to as dangle earrings, this style hangs below the earlobe and can either move or be still. Drop earrings offer the widest variety of fashion styles. They can end just centimeters below the earlobe or can reach all the way down to the shoulder.

Drop Earrings

Our Post Types


This is the most common type of earring back offered in the jewelry industry, requiring no screwing to put on or take off the earring. Also called a butterfly back, it can be used with any style of earring, whether it is a stud, hoop or drop.

Friction Posts

Push on/Screw off

Push on/screw off earrings are a little quicker to put on than screw on/screw off styles. The wearer can push on the earring back, and then unscrew it to take off the earring. Push on/screw off posts are typically used with studs and drop earrings.

Push on/Screw off Posts

Lever Back

Lever Backs also have a curved wire hook but are latched behind the ear with a lever that opens and closes. These are only used with drop earrings.

Lever Back Posts

French Wire

Only used with drop earrings, this style has no back to it. It is a curved wire hook that the earring itself can be attached to.

French Wire Posts

Latch Back

Used mainly for hoops, there are two styles of latch backs: one has the post on a hinge and clips into a notch on the back of the earring. The second has an immobile post and a lever-style back that has a hole for the post to slide in to.

Latch Back Posts

Screw on/Screw off

Screw on/screw off fasteners require the wearer to screw the back of the earring onto and off of a post threaded through the ear. This is an older style fastener, which has been replaced by the push on/screw off style, but is available upon request for added security or to repair an older earring with this post type.

Screw on/Screw off Posts