Diamonds - Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions and Answers About Diamonds

What makes a diamond ring the appropriate engagement gift?
How much should I spend on an engagement ring?
What diamond shapes are available?
Which shape is the most popular?
Which shape offers the best sparkle?
What is a facet?
How much does a carat weigh?
What are inclusions?
What are "fancy" diamonds?
What is the "color" of a diamond?
Do inclusions and color affect sparkle?
Which quality characteristic affects the price of a diamond the most?
Where do most diamonds come from?
Why are diamonds so rare and expensive?
What's the biggest diamond ever found?
Where are most diamonds sold?
Can you scratch a diamond?
If I hit my diamond (on a counter, with a hammer, etc.) will it crack or break?
If my diamond breaks, does the Shane Co. warranty guarantee to replace it?
Shouldn't I buy a "perfect" diamond? What does that mean?
Shouldn't I buy an "ideal cut" diamond? Aren't they better?
Isn't a "certified" diamond better?
Is a diamond a good investment? Will it be worth more in a few years?
What is the Kimberley Process and does Shane Co. support it?
What is Shane Co.'s Policy?

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