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Cobalt, often compared to platinum or palladium in color, is a bright white metal that is highly scratch resistant, doesn't chip or shatter and is hypo-allergenic. It looks and feels like white gold, but is a cost-effective alternative. Cobalt neither fades nor tarnishes and can be easily polished using platinum polishing techniques. Cobalt has a rating of 5 on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness. It is four times harder than platinum and five times harder than gold.
How does cobalt compare to tungsten and titanium?

Cobalt features many unique properties and characteristics, the most obvious being its premium bright white color. Cobalt is much whiter than tungsten and titanium, and its appearance is similar to platinum. Since the bright white color isn't just plating, cobalt will stay white forever.

Cobalt bands are one of the only alternative metals in the jewelry industry that can be slightly sized up to a 1/2 size without adding any metal.

The weight of cobalt bands falls between tungsten and titanium bands. Cobalt is heavier than titanium but slightly lighter than tungsten. As a result, they are extremely comfortable to wear. Cobalt bands are incredibly hard and provide an unyielding strength. Because of its tremendous strength, these bands are shatterproof and will not crack.

Cobalt's hardness and durability has proven to be more scratch-resistant than precious metal wedding bands. Because of their hardness and durability, they are less likely to crush or bend out-of-round.