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Sapphire Jewelry

Explore Sapphire Colors

Although sapphires are famous for their vibrant, brilliant shade of blue, many people are unaware that sapphires are found naturally in a wide assortment of hues.

Explore Sapphire Shapes

Sapphires are available in many shapes and sizes. Shane Co. carries all of the traditional sapphire shapes, as well as many non-traditional shapes that other jewelers and websites don’t have.

Grading Sapphires


Ruby Color

Color is affected by a number of variables, primarily by the type and intensity of the light.
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Ruby Cut

The cut and proportion affect the depth of color and the liveliness projected by the colored gemstone.
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Ruby Size

The industry actually measures colored gemstones by dimensions in milimeters in addition to carat weight.
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Ruby Clarity

As with diamonds, clarity refers to a colored gemstone's purity, or absence of internal inclusions.
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