Quality Descriptions
Finest Diamond
A cut above the rest, with the most fire, scintillation and brilliance. Clarity is always S12 or better and are nearly colorless, ranging H-I. Carat for carat, our rarest and best looking solitaires. Every pair of stud earrings is hand-matched for sparkle and symmetry.
Finer Diamond
A truly stunning cut, with exquisite sparkle. Clarity is I1 or better and are in the nearly colorless range of H-I. Carat for carat, a superior value to diamonds you'll find elsewhere. All earring pairs are hand-matched for sparkle and symmetry.
Fine Diamond
These diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and sparkle and embody the quality and value that has made Shane Co. famous. Carat for carat, an excellent value, especially when compared to what you'll find elsewhere. All earrings are hand-matched for sparkle and symmetry.
Tom's Quality
Tom Shane hand selects each ruby and sapphire at the gem cutters in Bangkok and matches them by hand for consistent color and beauty. Both rubies and sapphires are approximately 20% more dense than diamonds. Therefore, a ruby or sapphire of an identical cut and millimeter size as a diamond will weigh around 20% more than the diamond. This explains the relationship between the different gemstone sizes on the ear that you may have noticed in your search results.

Color Stone Shapes
Mall Quality Diamond
Mall Quality is just that: what you will find at a typical retail jeweler in your local mall. These stones are cut to maximize only the diamond's size, not its sparkle and beauty, which is determined by the way the diamond is cut. Shane Co. does not carry mall quality jewelry.

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Shane Co. gemstones are a better value. Here's why:
Superior hand-selected quality.
Every Shane Co. diamond, ruby and sapphire is hand-selected for maximum brilliance and sparkle. We reject a very high percentage of the gemstones we inspect because they don't meet our exacting standards. Those gemstones end up at other jewelers and jewelry websites. In fact, most leading jewelry websites sell gemstones they have never seen or inspected.

What Customers Say About Us
I just have to say that I love this place. It was suggested to us by a friend of mine who...would not stop gushing about the Shane Co.  J.P - Redwood City, CA on Yelp.Com
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