The Family Collection by Shane Co.
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The Family Collection
Step 1: Select Number of Family Members
Step 2: Select Your Item and Gold Type
Step 3: Select Your Gemstones
3mm Round Diamond
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3mm Round Ruby
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3mm Round Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
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3mm Round Pink Sapphire
Pink Sapphire
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3mm Round Kentucky Blue Sapphire
Kentucky Blue Sapphire
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3mm Round Lavender Sapphire
Lavender Sapphire
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3mm Round Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
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3mm Round Green Sapphire
Green Sapphire
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3mm Round Orange Sapphire
Orange Sapphire
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3mm Round Black Sapphire
Black Sapphire
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Remove Stone
Bases and gemstones not actual size.
Step 4: To move a gemstone, drag and drop it to any other open location. To remove a gemstone, drag and drop it onto the Remove Gemstone box to the left.
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