Ruby Jewelry

The Ruby Facts
Since ancient times, rubies have been associated with love,
immortality and were thought to have magic powers.

Over the years, many myths and legends have been
associated with this brilliant gemstone. People are drawn
to their striking red color and inner brilliance.

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Introduction to Rubies

Explore Ruby Shapes
Rubies are available in many shapes and sizes. Shane Co. carries all of the traditional ruby shapes,
as well as many non-traditional shapes that other jewelers and websites don’t have.

Grading Rubies
Color The 4 Cs Color is affected by a number of variables, primarily by the type and intensity of the light.

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Cut The 4 Cs The cut and proportion affect the depth of color and the liveliness projected by the colored gemstone.
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Size The 4 Cs The industry actually measures colored gemstones by dimensions in milimeters in addition to carat weight.
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Clarity The 4 Cs As with diamonds, clarity refers to a colored gemstone's purity, or absence of internal inclusions.
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