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About Our Pearls
They've been a source of fascination
for centuries, and are considered the most
magical and feminine of all gems.

They're also the only gems created by
a living organism.

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Introduction to Pearls

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Considered the classic among cultured pearls, ranging in color from pinkish white to creamy shades of silvery blue.
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Grown in an amazing variety of delicate
shapes, and available
in a rainbow of beautiful colors.
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From the atolls and lagoons of the South Pacific, Tahitians vary in size from 8 to 14mm.

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Unquestionably the rarest and finest cultured pearl in the world.

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Evaluating Quality - Pearl Grading
Above all, a pearl's color is a question of personal taste rather than quality. Shane Co. has a palette of colors to choose from.  Read More >
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The most important indication of a pearl's quality is
its luster.  Read More >
The shape of a pearl plays an important role in
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Surface characteristics can add to the uniqueness
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The size of a pearl is expressed in terms of its
diameter (in millimeters).  Read More >
Pearl Care

Caring for your pearls is easy.
Wear them often, put them on last, and take them off first.
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Pearl Care
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