Diamond Jewelry

Direct Diamond Importers 
Our team of buyers handpick diamonds directly from
the gem cutters.  By examining each diamond,
eliminating all middlemen and their markups,
negotiating hard and paying with cash, you get a great price and a more beautiful diamond for you money.

Our Diamond Jewelry

Design Your Own

Introduction to Diamonds

Explore Diamond Shapes
Shane Co. has all of the most popular traditional diamond shapes,
as well as all of the non-traditional shapes to set your ring apart.

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Diamond Qualitites - The Four Cs
Carat Diamond Qualities: Carat Diamonds are sold by the
carat, which is a unit of
weight, not size.A one
carat round diamond
generally measures
around 6.5mm.
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Cut Diamond Qualities: Cut The most important of the 4 Cs because cut determines how much fire and brilliance a diamond has.

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Color Diamond Qualities: Color Diamond colors range from colorless to light yellow, with an absence of color being most desirable.

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Clarity Diamond Qualities: Clarity Refers to tiny, naturally occurring inclusions inside the diamond. These inclusions are like fingerprints that uniquely identify each diamond.
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The Shane Classic Diamond
The Shane Classic Diamond is an ideal cut with exacting specifications proven by the laws of optics to reflect and refract the most light, providing fire and brilliance beyond your imagination.

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What Customers Say About Us
I want to thank the staff at Shane Co. for their awesome customer service, and especially Melanie, who made the experience fun and educational.  Joy J. - Rocklin, CA on Yelp.Com
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