Upgrade Program

Shane Co. has the industry’s most generous and comprehensive upgrade and trade-in policy, created with your future in mind. For any Shane Co. diamond, ruby or sapphire you have mounted in a ring, as well as any stud earrings or solitaire pendants you purchase, you’ll receive the full value that you paid as credit toward the purchase of any other gemstone of greater value. All that is required is a minimum one-dollar increase. To trade in any qualifying jewelry metal, simply spend double the original purchase amount.

An Example of How It Works

  Solitaire Engagement Ring
Original Ring
Original Item Policy Requires You Spend This

Minimal Total

$1000 At least
$1.00 greater
  Engagement Ring
$500 At least double $1000  



(minimum new purchase total)

        - $1500 credit  
Halo Engagement Ring
New Ring

Minimum Cost for the New Ring and Diamond



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can other Shane Co. jewelry like pearls and men's jewelry be upgraded or traded in?
Because pearls deteriorate over time and other materials such as rubber, leather, stainless steel, carbon fiber and tungsten, are either not meant to last a lifetime or are non-precious metals, we are unable to accept items with those materials for trade in or upgrade. For the same reasons, cobalt and titanium merchandise are also not eligible for trade-in or upgrade.
How much will I receive for my Shane Co. diamond, solitaire pendant or solitaire earrings when upgrading?
You will receive the full, original amount you paid toward the purchase of the new diamond, solitaire pendant or solitaire earrings. You will never receive less than what you paid originally.

How much will I receive for my other Shane Co. jewelry if I want to upgrade?
For any other Shane Co. merchandise made of gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies or sapphires, receive the full value as credit toward another piece of jewelry, provided your new purchase is double the value of the original purchase.

Can I trade in jewelry that was not purchased at Shane Co.?
Gold and some precious gemstones may have value on the wholesale market. Therefore, we may be able to offer you a trade-in allowance for your second-hand jewelry, based on the prevailing fair market value of its gemstones and metal. You may then use this allowance toward the purchase of Shane Co. jewelry, to the extent that your new purchase equals or exceeds the value or the jewelry you trade in.
Can I apply my ring upgrade credit towards a new gemstone?
Our upgrade policy allows you to apply an upgrade towards new merchandise of the same material. For example, a credit for a ring can be applied only towards the purchase of another piece of metal jewelry (ring, bracelet etc.) In turn, a loose gemstone upgrade credit can only be applied toward the purchase of other gemstone or gemstone piece (solitaire earrings, solitaire pendants, etc).

What Customers Say About Us
We would highly recommend Shane Co. to anyone shopping for an engagement ring, and we will definitely return for any future jewelry purchases.  Sarah A. - Seattle,WA on Yelp.com
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