Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee your jewelry for LIFE, for FREE. 
At Shane CO. we are committed to your complete satisfaction.  That is why we cover your purchase with our Free Lifetime Warranty and our 60-day Money-back Guarantee.
  • We will inspect, clean, polish and maintain your jewelry for free for as long as you own it.
  • We warrant and guarantee the quality of the below described article of jewelry for life as long as you allow only a Shane Co. jeweler to work on the item. To ensure a lifetime of trouble-free wear compliments of Shane Co., please bring your jewelry to us approximately every six months for a free cleaning and inspection. We will either repair or replace any item found to be defective. If it has been significantly longer than six months since your last cleaning and inspection, bring in your jewelry as soon as possible, and after we have cleaned and inspected it for free, and replaced any gemstones that may be missing and made any necessary repairs at your expense, we will happily reactivate your warranty for free.
  • We guarantee for life, for free, all merchandise made entirely of gold, platinum or silver; all merchandise made entirely of gold, platinum or silver and containing diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and semiprecious gemstones; all merchandise containing cultured pearls; and all wedding bands made of cobalt and titanium. Due to the nature of cobalt and titanium, the resizing of wedding bands made of those metals is not covered by this warranty. Our unique men's items constructed from materials such as rubber, leather, stainless steel, carbon fiber and tungsten, are either not meant to last a lifetime or are non-precious metals, and therefore, merchandise containing these materials is not covered by our Free Lifetime Warranty and is not eligible for trade-in or upgrade. For the same reasons, cobalt and titanium merchandise other than wedding bands is not covered by our Free Lifetime Warranty and is not eligible for trade-in or upgrade. Any jewelry containing gemstones that are neither precious nor semiprecious are not covered by this warranty and are not available for trade-in or upgrade. When gemological descriptions are provided, they have been determined using strict gemological standards or by independent gemological laboratories. With proper care, you should enjoy years of pleasure from these items.
  • If you are not completely satisfied - for any reason - you may receive a full refund within 60 days of purchase, as long as the merchandise is in its original condition and has not been worked on by any jeweler outside of Shane Co., or you may exchange the merchandise and receive full credit towards another purchase.
  • As a future service, we will update the appraised value set forth herein for as long as you own your jewelry, based upon prevailing replacement market conditions.
  • We recommend that you insure your jewelry against theft and total loss. If your insurance agency would prefer an appraisal on their own form, please bring in their form, this appraisal and the article of jewelry. We will be glad to complete their form free of charge. 
  • This warranty shall not apply to lost, stolen or abused merchandise.
  • Please remember to bring this appraisal with you when we conduct your free servicing. We will keep your service record current below and notate recommended maintenance as detected during the inspection, and we will gladly reissue new copies of this certified appraisal as needed.

Jewelry inspection, cleaning and maintenance at your convenience.
You are welcome to bring your Shane Co. jewelry to any of our showrooms at any time for inspection, cleaning, or any other maintenance it may need. It is helpful to bring the certified appraisal that accompanied your original purchase with you so that we can document the work performed, but it is not required to keep your warranty valid.

Alternatively, you can have your jewelry serviced by mailing it to the Shane Co. Service Center at:
c/o Brinks Incorporated
2203 Uravan Street
Aurora, CO 80011
  • Enclose the original copy of the certified appraisal with the jewelry item. If you cannot locate the appraisal, call us at 1-866-467-4263 and we will generate a new one from our records. Don't worry; your warranty will not be voided if you don't bring/send the original form. 
  • Mail your package via the United States Postal Service Certified Mail, Insured, Return Receipt Requested. Insure it for the certified appraisal amount. 
  • We will carefully inspect your jewelry and professionally clean it. If we discover any potential problems requiring attention, we will correct them free of charge. 
  • If the jewelry is in good condition, or once any needed repairs are completed, we will sign and date the appraisal form and mail your jewelry back to you, at our expense, within three business days of receiving it.

We understand it may not always be practical to bring your jewelry into a Shane Co. showroom or to mail it to us. If you do decide to use a different jeweler to clean and inspect your Shane Co. jewelry, follow these guidelines:

  • Select a reputable jeweler in your area to perform this service.
  • Have the jewelry cleaned and inspected in your presence.
  • If there are no maintenance or repairs necessary, have the jeweler note the store name, and sign and date your Shane Co. certified appraisal form. If you do not bring your appraisal form, simply ask the jeweler to provide another form of documentation of the inspection - even a business card with the date and notation of cleaning/inspection.

If the inspection indicates the need for maintenance or repair, bring the jewelry to any Shane Co. showroom or mail it to the Shane Co. Service Center. This way, we can confirm that the repair is necessary and guarantee that it is performed properly. Unfortunately, if an outside jeweler performs repair work on a piece of Shane Co. jewelry, we cannot verify or guarantee the work, and the Shane Co. lifetime warranty becomes void.
At Shane Co. we are committed to your complete satisfaction. That is why we cover your purchase with our Free Lifetime Warranty and our 60-day Money-back Guarantee.

What Customers Say About Us
All my diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces are from here. LOVE them!!!! Can't wait to get our wedding bands for next September! Highly recommend Shane Co.!  Christina G. - San Jose, CA on
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